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Here are some other kids from my collection:-

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lililedy.JPG (27756 bytes)

Mint in Box #1 girl by Lili Ledy - Mexico   - RE-ADOPTED

kimono.JPG (20520 bytes)

Tsukuda - Japan - #3 girl in original kimono - Drusilla


taropatch.JPG (12165 bytes)

Hawaiiain Taro Patch doll from 1984


AsianBoyPsble.JPG (15525 bytes)

Hasbro Poseable Asian boy - 'Elvis'

AsianGirlPsble.JPG (18133 bytes)

Hasbro Poseable Asian girl

balletbrun.JPG (19755 bytes)

Hasbro Poseable girl

3boys.JPG (29929 bytes)

Three #4 boys
Adopted now

balletpose.JPG (17278 bytes)

Blonde Hasbro Poseable girl

twins.JPG (32276 bytes)

Rare floral dungarees on twins

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snacktime.JPG (28653 bytes) Three Snacktime girls

devonardith.JPG (27110 bytes)

MIB Snacktime-Devon Ardit - RE-ADOPTED

MayMimosaStairs.JPG (67799 bytes)

May Mimosa - 2005 PA kid

dutchtrav.JPG (21515 bytes)

Dutch Traveller-#5mold girl

GaudyBlue.JPG (22103 bytes)

Fake Cpk w/Gaudy yellow hair
outfit not original to this doll

GaudyPink.JPG (24280 bytes)


Same fake kid w/different Cpk outfit


TRUAmber.JPG (19586 bytes)

TRU kid w/gaudy hair - Amber Lily K1 HM
Pink Capris outfit

TRUAbbey.JPG (30484 bytes)

TRU kid w/gaudy hair - Abbey Alana K3 HM
Schoolgirl outfit


GaudyRcoat.JPG (37554 bytes)

TRU kid w/gaudy hair - Tiffany Jennifer K2 HM
Raincoat outfit

GaudyK2Princess.JPG (32420 bytes)

TRU kid w/gaudy hair - Serena Emma K2 HM
Princess Dress

TruBrunCurly2.jpg (11275 bytes)

Tru Kid brunette curly - Jennifer Annabelle K2

TruChambrayBlonde2.jpg (13530 bytes)

Tru Kid - Marlene Begonia K2 HM
Chambray dress
Available for Adoption 

TruJodyClaire.JPG (10340 bytes)

Tru kid - Jody Claire K7 HM
Available for Adoption

K3ButtercreamBlue.JPG (27061 bytes)

Tru kid w/buttercream hair - Colette Lorena K3 HM

TruConnieBrooke.JPG (33779 bytes)

Tru Kid w/coffee hair - Connie Brooke - K2 HM

TruMeadowMelanie.JPG (27802 bytes)

Tru kid w/brunette hair - Meadow Melanie K2 HM

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